Welcome to our website that promotes green funeral options & a worldwide directory of green burial sites and funeral information.

It is widely acknowledged that our environment is beginning to send us distress messages with rising sea levels, horrific storms, harsh droughts, receding glaciers and melting ice caps.  The message is clear, we are hurting our planet.

We need to listen to that message, and do everything we can to change our harmful human activities for the benefit of our children’s children.  Growing awareness of sustainability means recognizing that everything we do, from birth through to death, has an impact on our environment.  New technologies and methods of doing things are becoming the preferred choice for people wishing to cut their carbon footprint and leave less pollution for future generations.

Wikipedia encyclopedia reports that roughly 150,000 people die each day across the globe, 54 million each year. Traditional funeral practices such as burial and cremation have a significant impact on the planet.  How can we honour a deceased family member’s wishes to complete the cycle of life by being returned to the Earth in a natural way?  Progressive funeral directors and cemetery businesses are looking at alternatives to burial, cremation, embalming and solid wood coffins.  Many eco-funeral choices are already available.

As an international enterprise, will candidly identify the environmental problems affecting the funeral and cemetery industry and explore sustainable solutions worldwide.  Symbolizing our solution-based approach is the newly created word, “Novaterium” from the Latin “nova” meaning new  and “cometerium” a tract of land for burials.

Our website provides information about the problems and the emerging solutions within the funeral industry.  Visitors from the industry are welcome to request entry in our directory or to advertise with us to show the world that your business is part of the solution.

Main Feature of this Site

On the right-hand side of this page, we are pleased to introduce a map directory to pinpoint eco-funeral sites throughout the world.  We will continue to update this directory as we are presented with more information.   We are also proud to present advertisements from businesses around the world who have unique solutions, products and services that support the eco-funeral industry.  It is worth the time to see what they have to offer!

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