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This website is an international enterprise with management from two colleagues living in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Uk and EU Enquiries, contact John Cossham

John Cossham

Primary contact for UK and EU enquiries is John Cossham, FRSA, BSc (Environmental Health).

John is the father of two children and brings a wealth of experience based on his involvement in the green movement. John lives a low carbon lifestyle and is an experienced children’s entertainer and sustainability educator.  He is available for speaking engagements on greening your lifestyle or presenting solutions for arranging the best eco-funeral possible.

North America enquiries, contact Rory Rickwood

Rory Rickwood

Primary contact for North America enquiries is Rory Rickwood.

Rory is the father of five children and a Certified Human Resource Professional and volunteers as an environmental steward. Rory has championed habitat protection and has been active in the healthy communities’ movement.

Contact Us

For further information on eco-funerals, placing an advertisement or listing with the green burial directory, please contact John Cossham directly via email at: or use the contact form below.

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You can use the contact form below to contact us.